Executive Search

Filling influential positions - regardless whether top management or specialist positions - has a lasting impact on your business and its successful growth. Keeping this in mind, our consultations are soundly based and take into consideration current market conditions and industry trends, and utilize our well-maintained network of contacts. We implement an individualized strategy in recruiting suitable individuals for your company, based on the company-specific, professional, and personal demands on prospective personnel.

For more than 10 years, we have successfully worked with a wide range of companies. From mid-sized companies to Fortune 100 corporations, our clients trust in our expertise. Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge and are closely networked in their fields. The research teams are furthermore focused on functional areas and thus possess the necessary knowledge to judge a potential candidate's match with your requirements profile.

Core values for our company are trust, reliability, and discretion. Discriminating clients and candidates value our sensitive handling of projects and our open communication. A high degree of transparency throughout the entire process ensures that all parties involved are kept apprised of the state of the project.



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