Executive Coaching

Organizations are subject to change. A growing demand for flexibility, speed, innovation, as well as globalization require changes in work relations. Team structures are displacing strict hierarchies, target agreements are replacing operation procedures, the boundaries between work and leisure are blurring. In order to deal appropriately with these challenges, leaders must have the competence to deal with the responsibility and risks of decision-making, and must be capable of supporting staff in dealing with these demands.

We understand coaching as professional support in phases of professional or personal change. This can apply to a group or a team, as well as to individuals. Assuming new professional roles, assessing the current situation, or accompanying an organization during a period of change: These are often the reasons for individual or team interventions.

We provide support to our clients to recognize potentials, capabilities, and skills of those in leadership or staff positions, and build awareness of individual responsibility. Through workshops, seminars, or coaching, we support our clients in making change successful for both individuals and teams.