Executive Search

Filling influential positions - regardless whether top management or specialist positions - has a lasting impact on your business and its successful growth. Keeping this in mind, our consultations are soundly based and take into consideration current market conditions and industry trends, and utilize our well-maintained network of contacts. We implement an individualized strategy in recruiting suitable individuals for your company, based on the company-specific, professional, and personal demands on prospective personnel.



Together with our 18-member team of consultants, project managers, researchers, and back office, we work in close collaboration toward the success of our projects. Our team members possess extensive know-how in their respective fields of expertise; additionally, we have cross-industry specialists in specific functional areas.




Executive Coaching

Organizations are subject to change. A growing demand for flexibility, speed, innovation, as well as globalization require changes in work relations. Team structures are displacing strict hierarchies, target agreements are replacing operation procedures, the boundaries between work and leisure are blurring. In order to deal appropriately with these challenges, leaders must have the competence to deal with the responsibility and risks of decision-making, and must be capable of supporting staff in dealing with these demands.